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ShowReel 2018

ShowReel 2018

Our class agenda was: 

    • Creative for a global culture

    • Becoming an inclusive designer

    • Implicit biases

    • Being aware of different cultures

    • Responding to criticism

  • Creativity for the word:

You need to know who you’re creating for?

Who’s the targeted audience?

Can you produce for different audiences and culture without offending anyone?

  • What is an inclusive design and are you aware of your implicit biases?

Inclusive design is sometimes used for 2 terms, Universal design and Design for all.

Inclusive design is defined as "products, services and environments that include the needs of the widest number of consumers”

Universal design started with a strong focus on the disability and the built environment.

Design for all it is related to Inclusive Design, it is about ensuring that environments, products, services and interfaces work for people of all ages and abilities in divergent situations and under a variety of circumstances.

  • Implicit Bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding and culture, actions, and manner.

  • Global culture, you deal with lots of cultures, most of your work is based on produced efforts. You can’t just create for yourself because it leads for a work for a limited audience.

Responding to criticism happens by:

    • Stop talking, start listening.

    • It’s not about you, it’s about the work you’ve created.

    • Action matters, words and intentions don’t.

    • Apologize for actions, not just their effects.

    • Acknowledge you privileges.

    • Educate yourself.

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